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Turn the Beat Around

Turn the Beat Around

An idealist young dancer named Zoe (Romina D’Ugo) tackles the difficult issue of resurrecting disco dancing in today’s music business. She meets hostility beyond resistance on every dance floor where she spins and twirls. Fortunately, she has at least one ally, a nightclub owner and visionary named Michael (David Guintoli) who shares her zeal for the long-ago dance craze. With money to burn, Michael arranges for Zoe to test market bringing back disco, even with rival choreographers like Malika (Brooklyn Sudano). Soon dance takes a two-step in the wrong direction when hard-hearted Malika and Michael start vying to become Zoe’s dance partner.

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Turn the Beat Around 123Movies review

I want to say that Turn the Beat Around turned out to be a fascinating and rather intriguing film, which is worth watching carefully, without being distracted around. In general, all the components of the film are at their best, so we can safely say that this is a good film of the Drama genre. After watching the trailer for Turn the Beat Around, I didn’t make big bets on this movie, but in the end I was pleasantly surprised and think that this is one of the best films of 2010 of the year. The length of the movie is 93 min minutes. The young director Bradley Walsh, who made this film, boldly takes many of the most interesting moments of films of the past and moves the genre a little further than raising the bar for future filmmakers of such films to the next level. The hero of the film performed by Adam Brooks, Adam Waxman, Breanne Wong, Brooklyn Sudano, Caroline Torti, Cedric Smith, Damien Lavergne, David Giuntoli, David Keeley, Dewshane Williams, Dwayne Hill, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Jade Anderson, Janaye Upshaw, Jason Derulo, Jeff Kuperman, Jennifer Miller, Karl Campbell, Kevin Jubinville, Kevin McGarry, Miles Faber, Natalie Krill, Natalli Reznik, Ofilio Portillo, Pastel Supernova, Rick Kuperman, Romina D'Ugo, Shauna Macdonald, Shawn Byfield, Tamina Pollack-Paris, Tammy Nera, Yasmine Aker is one hundred percent hit in the image.


IMDb: 5.0